Rapeseed field Session, Ramstein Photographer

Ina is another local Ramstein photographer, who just so happens to live in the village next to me! She messaged me asking to swap photos, and even though I was a little hesitant to step out of my comfort zone I said “yes!”

Unfortunately, I got a gnarly headache, so I decided not to get in FRONT of the camera, but I was happy to stay behind it. 😉

We met at one of the many rapeseed fields in our area. Ina wore the most beautiful gown that she rented as a part of a traveling dress series held by another photography, Victoria Tiger Photography.

She was STUNNING. A German Goddess.

Ramstein Photographer, Christina Barnum Photography
Ramstein Photographer
Ramstein Photographer
Rapeseed field session with Ramstein Photographer, Christina Barnum Photography
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